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No Heat? Here's Some Tips


There may be a simple solution! Before you call for service, check these 10 items. Remember: If you don’t feel comfortable checking these items, give us a call and a service technician will complete the check of your heating system.


    1. Is the thermostat set to the HEAT position?

    2. Is the temperature set at least 3 degrees above the current room temperature?

    3. Does the thermostat use batteries and are they dead?


    4. If the thermostat has a fan switch, is it ON? If you can’t hear the fan and there          is no air coming out of the registers, there may not be power to the furnace.              The next item to check is the electrical panel:

    5. If the furnace has a breaker, has it been tripped? (If it has, then the switch will           be between the ON and OFF positions.) If it has been tripped, reset the                     breaker by switching it all the way OFF and then ON.

    6. If the furnace has a fuse, has it blown? If so, replace it. WARNING: If the                   breaker keeps tripping or the fuse keeps blowing, have us look after it. If you             have checked the above items and the furnace is still not running, check the             actual heating unit:

    7. Is the emergency shut-off switch for the furnace ON? (If you have this switch,             it will look like a regular light switch and will be located near the furnace or                 sometimes in the stairwell.)

    8. Are all access doors and panels to the furnace secured?
    9. If the furnace has a standing pilot light, is it lit?

   10. Does the furnace have an adequate fuel supply?

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