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Resources- CO Detector Can Save Your Life!



CO detector

Did you know? Installing a carbon monoxide (CO) detector can mean the difference between life and death!
The colourless, odorless and tasteless gas is untraceable without a CO detector.  Inhaling low levels of carbon
monoxide can lead to symptoms like headaches and impaired motor functions.

Even worse, higher levels can
be especially dangerous causing loss of consciousness or even death.



In 2008, Conservative MPP Ernie Hardeman addressed the CO issue by introducing a bill requiring households

to install CO detectors to identify carbon monoxide. You can check out the ‘Safe at Home’ website for more details

on Ontario’s CO bill, prevention programs and safety tips: http://www.safeathome.ca.


The bill was created as a result of the deaths of Ontario Provincial Police officer Laurie Hawkins, her husband

Richard and their two children, when carbon monoxide seeped into their house because of a blocked chimney.

The Hawkins’ weren’t the only family that lost their lives to carbon monoxide poisoning, 250 people in the

province were killed by the gas over the last decade.


As part of our commitment to home safety and comfort, ClimateCare Canada has partnered with the

Hawkins-Gignac Foundation. ClimateCare will support the efforts of the foundation by educating homeowners

on the imminent need for CO detectors in the household.  For more information on the Hawkins-Gignac Foundation

and their efforts, visit: http://www.endthesilence.ca.


The number of deaths in Ontario may lessen with new provincial laws. Soon, it will be mandatory for CO detectors to

be installed in every home with a fuel-burning device, attached garage or carport. Until then, here are some ways you

can protect your household from carbon monoxide leaks:


  • Get a CO detector. Detectors Cost between $20-$70.
  • Ensure your furnace, gas fireplace and hot water tank are well maintained.
  • Don’t let vehicles idle in the garage and keep the garage door connecting to the house, closed.
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