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Benefits in Doing Business With Us



1.  We have been in business for over 45 years

a) We know the codes for the area
b) You won't be our testing lab
c) We know what works in this area


14.  We use drop sheets
a) Protecting your floor and stairs from potential damage/mess

2.  We have made 1000's of repairs
a) We know how to keep your family safe!!


15.  All our work meets local codes
a) Keeping you and your family safe

3.  We have installed 1000's of systems
a) We know what systems work in specific conditions


service ac


16.  We use field tested parts and supplies
a) You know we are installing quality parts, lowering the chance for a repeat breakdown

4.  We specialize in residential service and installations
a) We know how to keep you comfortable


17.  We pull permits when required
a) Giving you third party validation 

5.  We are a small family operated company
a) Personalized service
b) The owner works within the company


18.  We are licensed
a) Giving you third party validation 
6.  We have an in-house training program
a) Ongoing training keeps our employees up to speed with
changes in product and sharpens our skills to keep our repairs completed efficiently

19.  We give our street address
a) We don't hide our location, you can find us anytime

7.  We have a live telephone operator
a) No automated systems
b) Personalized service


20.  We clean up when we're done
a) Keeping your house tidy, like we weren't even there

8.  We have an office staff
a) Provides better customer service to answer your questions


21.  We dispose of old parts and equipment
a) Safely to help protect the environment

9.  We keep a computerized history
a) We keep the records so you don't have to


22.  We make warranty calls priority
a) If you have a failure under warranty, we get there to fix the issue fast
10.  We arrive in marked vehicles
a) Proving personal security for customers
23.  We offer 24 hour emergency service 365 days a year
a) Giving you service when you need it
11.  We drive well maintained vehicles
a) Not staining driveways
b) Vehicles stay on the road, keeping down-time and costs low
dunn vans

12.  Well stocked trucks
a) Having the right parts eliminates call-backs and customer inconvenience


24.  We belong to the ClimateCare co-operative
a) Giving us access to hundreds of resources within the industry
13.  We have an add-on rate
a) The more repairs you need, the less each repair becomes
25.  We support local events, charities and sports teams
a) Know that our money stays in the community


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