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Your furnace needs yearly maintenance in order to work as efficiently and safely as it should. The best time of year to schedule this maintenance is in the fall, just before you turn the furnace on for the year. Why is fall the best time of year to give us a call? Discover the answer to that question, and your other questions about furnace maintenance below.

Why Schedule Your Furnace Maintenance in the Fall?

The best schedule for a tune-up is in the fall. Here are the six reasons why:

  1. Safety: It’s safer to get your furnace checked up in the fall before you need to turn it on so that any potential safety hazards are already fixed before you start using the furnace.
  2. Availability: HVAC technicians are more available in the fall than winter, when we will be dealing with emergency breakdowns. Get ahead of the curve and call us in the fall, so you can get a maintenance appointment for when you want it.
  3. Efficiency: Why not benefit from the improved efficiency of a just-maintained furnace right away? Your furnace will use less energy when it is properly maintained.
  4. Air quality: During maintenance, your HVAC technician will change out your furnace filter, which can dramatically improve your air quality. Otherwise, your furnace can spread more dust, allergens, and other debris through your whole home.
  5. Costs: Regular maintenance will keep your furnace costs low, avoiding excess energy usage, and costly repairs.
  6. Lifespan: The better-maintained your furnace, the longer lifespan it is likely to have.

What Happens During Fall Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance is a 26-point process. We clean all internal and external parts of the furnace including the blower, belts, and pulleys. We will also clean or replace your furnace filter. We’ll inspect every part of the system, including the critical parts like the heat exchanger and the electrical connections and wires to ensure the system is safe and efficient.

If we find that you need repairs during the maintenance process, we offer a discount on labour if you have one of our protection plans. They are the best way to ensure that your furnace will stay efficient, safe, and cost-effective for the long term.

If you need to schedule maintenance for your furnace this fall, it may be a good idea to get this booked soon! Give our experts at Dunn Heating ClimateCare a call today.

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How Long Does a Furnace Tune-Up Take?

A furnace tune-up is not a huge chunk of time. It will typically take your HVAC technician one to two hours in order to complete the whole maintenance process. There is a lot to do, but our technicians are efficient and experienced so they can do it properly without wasting too much of your time.

Reach out to our experts at Dunn Heating ClimateCare today to get your fall furnace maintenance and all of its benefits.

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