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Upgrading your furnace is probably the most effective way to improve your home's energy efficiency, and save on heating costs. New natural gas furnaces are technically advanced and up to 98% efficient! That means 98 cents of every dollar you spend on energy is used for heat. The older, standard-efficiency furnaces (pre-1987) were typically 60%-70% efficient.

How they work:
Natural gas furnaces comprise of 5 different elements:
1.    Burner Assembly- Sustain a controlled flame within the heat exchanger
2.    Heat exchanger- Transfers heat from burners to air
3.    Operating/Safety Controls- Helps furnace maintain desired temperature in a safe manner
4.    Fan Assembly- Transfers air over heat exchanger into home through ductwork
5.    Venting System- Intakes fresh air into burner from outside, and dismisses air from combustion

Furnace Efficiency:
To lower utility and gas bills newer furnaces are designed to meet certain AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings. Condensing furnaces can get as high as 98%. Meaning, for every dollar you put in, you get 98 cents into your house. Meanwhile an 80% non-condensing furnace looses 20 cents per dollar out the chimney, resulting in higher energy and utility bills. 

A furnace system is much like a vehicle; if you don’t take care of it problems might occur. To ensure a long lifespan with minimal repairs certain actions should be followed.
•    Clean or replace air filter as required
•    Ensure supply and return air grilles are free of obstruction
•    Keep area around furnace clean
•    Have furnace serviced annually by a licensed technician
Following these guidelines will guarantee a comfortable home and living environment.

Dunn Heating carries a complete line of Carrier, Lennox and Climatecare heating products. Whether you're a new home owner looking for a heating system or in need of a furnace upgrade, let us show you the large selection of our indoor weather systems tailor made for your indoor home comfort. Also as an authorized dealer for Carrier, Lennox and Climatecare, we can provide you with accurate quotations, flexible installation options and customized payment plans.

CarrierLennoxClimatecare and KeepRite Heating Products:


Carrier Heating Products

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Carrier Furnace
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We cannot control mother nature during the winter months, but you can control how she affects our overall indoor comfort.
Ordinary heating systems run full blast, then shut down completely. Carriers Comfort Heat Technology™ uses long gentle heating cycles that keep you within one degree of perfect comfort while lowering your heating bills. And you get clean air, better humidity, quieter operation and fewer drafts in the bargain.


Lennox Heating Products

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Lennox Furnace
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When cold weather strikes, you can count on a Lennox® furnace to keep you perfectly warm at home. You can also feel good knowing you're saving money on your utility.



Climatecare Heating Products

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You can rely on Dunn Heating and Climatecare for your family's comfort. Make the right choice; call us today for your free in home estimate. Let our knowledgeable sales team show you quality Climatecare Furnaces and Air Conditioners to fit your needs for home comfort. 


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