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You want your home to be comfortable and affordable, not drafty and costly to heat. In the past houses were less air-tight; ventilation was supplied by the whims of weather. Building our homes air-tight and energy efficient makes them more comfortable and much less expensive to heat, but it also creates serious indoor air quality problems.  


Central ventilation systems and heat recovery systems ensure the reduction of air pollutants caused by building materials, everyday household products, lingering odors and moisture which condenses on windows reducing visibility and causing damage.


Give us a call to enquire about how a VanEE heat recovery/ventilator can solve the air quality problems within your home.


How the VanEE Heat Recovery System Works

The HRV unit connects to two sets of ducts.

1. One set of ducts collects stale moist air from the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. This stale contaminated air passes through the HRV unit and is exhausted to the outside.
2. The other ducting system draws in fresh clean air from outdoors through the HRV unit.
3. As the two air-streams pass each other within the heat exchanger core, heat is transferred from the outgoing stale air to the fresh incoming air. There is no mixing of air-streams.
4. The HRV unit is able to capture up to 95% of the energy from the outgoing stale air. Filtered, preconditioned fresh air is delivered where you need it - in the living areas of your home.


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Ventilation Tip




Heat Recovery Facts

Air Quality directly affects your family's health and comfort. Lingering colds, allergies and asthma can be the dramatic result of poor home ventilation. With a VanEE Heat Recovery and Ventilation system your family will improve the air quality in your home, thus eliminating many health and cleanness problems.



Moisture trapped in exterior walls leads to dry rot and serious structural damage.


A VanEE controlled ventilation system will effectively remove pollutants trapped in your house and supply fresh, filtered air where you want it -- in the living areas of your home.



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